Natasha Du Coco, owner and founder of the Du Coco brand (Art Du Coco, Café Du Coco, Chef Du Coco and Style Du Coco) handed me a book one afternoon while we were filming an interview segment at her Café Du Coco Tea Room location in Littleton, Colorado.  The book, The Puzzle of Elijah was written by Olga Anischenko, and is a moving story about Olga and her family’s journey during a difficult time in their lives when Olga and her husband, Oleg,  made the decision to choose to go through with Olga’s pregnancy after finding out that their fourth child will be born with a serious disability.

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Although Olga wrote the book with the intent of sharing her story to help support other families who may have similar situations, The Puzzle of Elijah, written with so much openness and honesty, is also about love, family, faith, hope and courage.

As I go through the book reading page after page — chapter after chapter, I can’t help but feel what Olga was going through.  I could feel Olga’s tears and emotions as she shared her experiences and her innermost thoughts and feelings.   I may not have a similar situation but I felt I was there sharing Olga’s every moment.

The Puzzle of Elijah shows every one how mysterious life can be and reminds us that the decisions we make and the path that we choose when we are thrown a curveball, strengthens us, builds our character and makes us who we are as we go through life and understand why we are given the obstacles and challenges that we go through and learn to overcome in life.

The Puzzle of Elijah is available for sale at Cafe Du Coco Tea Room located at 2676 West Alamo Avenue in Littleton, Colorado.  It is also available  on Amazon  Grab your book now and check  Cafe Du Coco’s website  for upcoming events and a chance to meet the author, Olga Anischenko on her next trip to Colorado.  Also make sure to check Cafe Du Coco’s upcoming Book Club event featuring The Puzzle of Elijah where you can come share your thoughts with others who read, enjoyed and learned from Olga’s book.


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